Tuesday, March 10, 2009

your leave out

there was a once upon a time but now there is no more
wat we`ve been through is all juz the past that is mean
to be buried adb forgotten in the mist of the runing time
future i have lost myself when you said it to me leaving
me in the dark alone uncapable to find a way,way bac to
where we used to be at enduring the pain that has pinned
through my veins as if i were pierced by thounsands and
thousands of needle i`ve walk and walked yet you`re still
out of my reach i still cant comprehend with the changes
that has taken place i`m sorry that it had become like this
now we can only cherish the piece and bit of our broken
memories together one before...........

written by (chang)
Chang Khai Yuan

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